New Rejuvenate Your Skin and Scalp Facials

Eastern Facial Scalp Treatment 
Originated from Japanese culture the scalp revitalizing scalp facial helps your scalp for stronger, healthier hair within house organic unique, products and hands-on craftsmanship.
Removal of dead skin oils for better appearance. Resists dandruff for cleaner radiance look. Makes hair roots healthier. Unclogs oily scalp pores for more robust hair growth. Balance and neutralize the alkaline on the scalp
Lifts face making it tighter and more youthful mini glow facial.

50 Minutes – $185 & up

80 Minutes – $210 (includes a full facial)
120 Minutes – $255 (including hair growth sonic treatment)

Rejuv Express Scalp Treatment| Revitalize your scalp for stronger, healthier hair within house organic unique, products and hands-on massage
30 Minutes – $65

Pamper and Rejuvenate Your Skin with Our Customized Facials

Signature Facial 
Our Signature facial is for every skin-type – including oily, dehydrated, aging, or combination skin. Your facial includes a deep cleanse, steam treatment, an exfoliation scrub, mask and a treatment plan that addresses your individual skin concerns.

50 Minutes – $169 & up
80 Minutes – $210

Hydrating Glow Facial | Serious Dry Skin 
Specifically designed to address dry and dehydrated skin. Treat your skin to the next level with The with our deluxe HydraFacial with an added booster, target specific skin concerns with products specifically formulated to restore, regenerate, brighten, deeply hydrate intense nourishing that quenches the skin with serious moisture! Finally, we fuse the skin by saturating the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow! Great with an add on Gua Sha service. 50 Minutes – $225

Organic Facial | Pure Cleansing 
Using pure organic fruit botanical to pamper, revitalizes the skin and encourages deep relaxation. This renewing whole natural ingredients experience includes a 100% pure fruits and fruit extracts for an earth friendly result is a healthy, glowing complexion and a blissful state of being! 50 Minutes – $225

Acne Facial | Deep Pore Cleansing 
Specifically designed to address problematic, acne-prone skin. Your facial includes a deep cleansing, steam treatment, extractions of impurities and a high-frequency treatment that helps to kill bacteria & reduce inflammation. 50 Minutes – $195

Age Defying Facial 
Our exclusively formulated age defying treatment firms & hydrates your skin giving your face a youthful appearance. The combination of Vitamin C serums, B5 serums & a Vitamin C mask, helps to fight wrinkles and fine lines leaving your skin dewy & youthful. Includes extractions, neck & shoulder massage, eye cream & sun protection.

50 Minutes – $185

80 Minutes – $225

Rosacea | Sensitive Skin Facial 
This customized treatment is designed to calm redness, soothe irritation and lift impurities & oils from your skin. We clean your face with a soothing cleanser, gently exfoliate your skin & apply a calming mask to give your skin a healthy glow. 50 Minutes – $185

Hot Stones Facial | All Skin Facial 
This customized treatment is designed relaxes the face, neck, and shoulder muscles. It is most recommended to deal with unconscious tension that can lead to stiffness, headaches, and other complaints. It can also help to relieve sinus congestion, improve circulation, and calm the nervous system. It is great for hydrated and anti-aging skin. 50 Minutes – $225

Fiji Facial 
This customized treatment features 100% organic essential oils products that is the ultimate head and face Spa experience. Drift off to a REM-like sleep through a Japanese shiatsu & reiki styled Champis sage while treating your hair and scalp. All are custom-tailored to each individual’s circumstances and needs – perfect for no matter what concerns you may be facing. 50 Minutes – $225

Chocolate Detox Facial 
After a deep cleaning & exfoliation of your skin, we apply a decadent 100% organic dark chocolate mask that is followed by a chocolate massage. The chocolate is rich in antioxidants & provides deep stimulation of your skin. Oxygen comes to the surface of your skin, collagen is boosted, and your skin is renewed, healthy and glowing! 50 Minutes – $195

Jelly – Modeling Facial 
The all natural infused with powerful ingredients to work specifically on aging, acne, sensitive, pigmentation and everything in between! It’s cooling, relaxing and the incredibly satisfying moment as it is peeled off, Jelly Masks are customized to enhance a treatment you pair it with and/or target any specific concern. It will leave your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. 50 Minutes – $195

Tropical Island Lift – Facial 
The all-natural infused fruit extracts with powerful ingredients to work specifically for a quick mini “face lift” facial. The mini facial peel session helps lift and firm your face. Gentle natural yet active fruit enzyme peel exfoliation allows the skin to regain its vitality, revealing a luminous glow. A collagen-boosting serum provides suppleness and elasticity and helps balance tired skin. 50 Minutes – $225

Back Facial 
A deep cleansing treatment that specifically targets your individual back needs. Includes a hot steam, salicylic cleansers, extractions, toning, exfoliation, mask & moisturizers. 50 Minutes – $250

Gentleman’s Facial 
This signature treatment focuses on the removal of blackheads & congestion that collect over time. It helps prevent razor burn, sensitivity, and folliculitis. 50 Minutes – $175

Teen Facial 
Promotes clean, balanced & healthy skin. We perform a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation. We also educate our young adult clients on how to properly care for their skin at home. 50 Minutes – $175

Paraffin Facial 
The paraffin facial includes a deep cleanse, steam treatment, extractions of impurities, exfoliation scrub & our signature paraffin mask to treat dry patchy skin. Warm paraffin helps bring moisture back into your skin leaving it smooth, soft and hydrated. 50 Minutes – $195

Bright Eye Treatment 
Collagen is infused into the delicate eye area to improve elasticity while smoothing, tightening, lifting and plumping fine lines. Treatment Only.  30 Minutes – $85